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Light Therapy Made Smart

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Do You Get Enough Sunlight?

Today, humans receive a small fraction of the solar energy our body requires.

Daily sunlight is a basic necessity for your health, akin to drinking water.

Sunflower provides the benefits of sunlight, without the burn.


How does Light Heal Us?

Red Light increases your microcirculatory blood flow and reduces inflammation.

Like plants, our cells convert energy from light into usable cellular energy (ATP).

Light Therapy is proven to reduce pain & disease, without negative side effects.


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Brain Health

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Pain Management

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Wound Healing

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Blood Circulation

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Healthy Hair

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Sleep Support

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Immune Support

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Collagen Support

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Light Therapy made smart.

Sunflower is designed for simple at-home use.

Deliver the healthy benefits of sunlight with the new generation of light therapy.

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Soak up the Sun

Healthy Infrared Sunbathing on demand.

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"Hey Siri, start my skin care routine."

Smart Light Therapy

Take the guesswork out of Light Therapy. 

Our app connects to Sunflower to automatically tune the light's wavelength & power based on clinical insights.

Browse over a dozen automated sessions, from pain relief to skin care, healthy hair to brain health. 


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Red Light Therapy has been revolutionary for me with regard to how I live my daily life.

Pete Forhan, Peter Forhan, JustLight Founder, Sunflower hat smiling

Founder / Inventor


Dear World,

We are living in the dark.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, we have moved inside and worn clothing, cutting off our body's access to sunlight.

Like water, sunlight is a daily requirement for human health, yet modern humans are chronically deprived.

It is as if we have forgotten the necessity of drinking water, and we are all chronically dehydrated.

When human cells are chronically deprived of light, they 'wither' like a plant.

Without proper light, our mitochondria suffocate, our ATP (energy) levels fall, our blood pressure rises, our skin pales, our bones become brittle, our serotonin levels fall, our hair thins, our immune system weakens, and our cells wither away.

So, we built a solution.

Get your daily dose of healthy sunlight, with Sunflower.


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Bring Light to Health

Light therapy is a safe & effective treatment for most diseases, but the public is not yet aware.

Drinking water would safely treat most diseases if we were all chronically dehydrated.


Health in your Hands

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Light improves your health without any negative side effects.