True Joint Relief

Reduce Inflammation with Red Light Therapy

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"With the red light, I wake up in the morning with no pain and I feel like I can do anything I want today." - Jerie O.


How does Light Work?

Discover lasting relief by repairing damage, rather than just masking discomfort.


Enhances Blood Circulation

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Increases Cellular Energy

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Reduces Inflammation

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Red Light Therapy supports our body's natural healing process without chemicals, drugs, or side effects.

Sunflower brings precision Red Light Therapy home.

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Health in your Hands

Light Therapy on your schedule.


"Hey Siri, start my neck routine."

Smart Light Therapy

Take the guesswork out of Light Therapy. 

Our app connects to Sunflower to automatically tune the light's wavelength & power based on clinical insights.

Browse over a dozen automated sessions, from back support to skin care, healthy hair to brain health. 

True Relief

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Red Light Therapy has been revolutionary for me with regard to how I live my daily life.

Pete Forhan, Peter Forhan, JustLight Founder, Sunflower hat smiling

Founder / Inventor


Dear Reader,

Just one year ago, I had never heard of Light Therapy.

In 2020, I stumbled across a series of clinical reviews that explained how light healed pain without side effects.

Huh? How is it possible that Light Therapy is a safe and effective treatment for pain without negative side effects, yet I had never heard of it?

Like you, I was beyond skeptical.

So I began to learn everything I could about Light Therapy, from the fascinating cellular mechanisms to the extraordinary history. After a diligent clinical review, I realized something was missing.

Where was the company properly elevating this breakthrough medicinal technology and making Light Therapy accessible for the countless people suffering from chronic pain?

My mission became clear; Bring Light to Health.

Step one: Build Sunflower 🌻


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Bring Light to Health

Sunlight is a requirement for human health, like food, water, and air - yet the public is widely unaware.

At JustLight, we are reckoning with this urgent truth by making Light Therapy accessible and accurate.


Soak up the Sun

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Light improves your health without negative side effects.