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How does JustLight's Sunflower compare to other red light therapy devices?

Sunflower  vs. the Competition

See how Sunflower compares to Red Light Therapy devices.  

More Accurate Light Output

Depending on the routine you select, Sunflower automatically adjusts the type of light, the amount of power, and the optimal time needed for that treatment. Most devices on the market use the same light output, power output, and amount of time for treating many different pains and ailments, which results in lower effectiveness and slower recovery time.

Adjust the type of light for a more comfortable wellness journey
Have full control over your wellness routine

Fully App Controlled

The Sunflower App connects to Sunflower via Bluetooth to give you full control of your device. Select the routine that is best for you everytime. 


Targeted Treatments

When it comes to relief, it's important to accurately and consistently target the right area of the body every time. Sunflower makes this easy with its unique and intuitive form factor. 

Effective therapy through the Sunflower
Your wellness routine is now portable and can be used anywhere with sunflower

Use it Anywhere

Sunflower was designed to be easy to transport, allowing you to carry it and use it anywhere that has a nearby electrical outlet. 

Easy Positioning
with Flexible Stem

Sunflower can be bent in any direction, allowing for easy positioning to target any body part. No need for multiple devices for different treatments. 

The Sunflower is flexible and versatile
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Buy now. Pay later.

Pay as little as $41.25/mo with Affirm. 

YR (2).png

One Year Warranty.

Get a full refund if Sunflower breaks or gets damaged. 


Smart Light Therapy


30 Day Trial Period


Controlled by software to perfectly tune the output to emulate clinically-tested outputs through Photobiomodulation.

Get a full refund within 30 days if Sunflower isn't right for you. 

No Medicine no Side effects red light (2).png

No Side Effects. 

Sunflower is proven to have no negative side effects; no risk, all reward. 


Beautiful Design

Rooted in science, inspired by nature. Sunflower fits well in modern homes. 

Try Sunflower to get started on your wellness journey for a 30 day free trial

Become You Again

Try Sunflower risk-free for up to 30 days. 


(888) 558-0605

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