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Sunlight is a requirement for human health, like food, water, and air - yet the public is widely unaware.

We envision a world where every human has proper light access.

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Peter Forhan

Founder & ceo

Peter is an avid inventor; obsessed with the practical applications of light. His infatuation with light began in 2019 after graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Materials Engineering. Before the pandemic, Peter invented Halo, an ultraviolet hand sanitizer. At the onset of COVID-19, he quickly scaled the invention into a company. Through a deliberate and recreational review of clinical reviews, Peter stumbled across an old discovery that changed his life. Sunlight is a physiological requirement for human cells and modern humans are chronically sunlight deprived. Today, Peter is committed to building the vision of Niels Finsen; Phototherapy access in every home. Nevertheless, I believe implicitly that in the future use will be made of this new therapeutic agent [Light], and the proof experiment once made, it will be easy to carry it out practically under the form of Light Baths; and lastly, to determine whether they are to be blue, violet, or red, the variations in their strength and duration, and whether natural or artificial.” - Finsen, Phototherapy, 1896

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Dr. Janet Price

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Price is passionate about bringing cutting-edge scientific research to the members of her community. Armed with the comprehensive research into light therapy, Dr. Price is ready to pave the path ahead for JustLight to create scientifically sound, advanced light devices. To deliver on this goal, Dr. Price coordinates all research, device regulations, and education efforts with the JustLight team. Before Dr. Price stepped into the light, she earned her PhD in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan for her work researching the mechanisms for establishing bacterial biofilm structure in E. coli. Throughout her 10+ years of research, she also devoted her free time to get others excited about science through public talks and hands-on demonstrations with the UM-Museum of Natural History and other outreach venues.

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Justin Vatz

Chief Financial Officer

Justin Vatz is an experienced financial professional, with over 12 years at large and small companies, focused on helping businesses make informed financial and business decisions. Justin has been a trusted leader at a number of e-commerce startups, including Gilt Groupe, which he joined in their 2nd year. Earlier in his career, Justin worked for Johnson & Johnson as part of their Financial Leadership Development Program. He worked for 4 operating companies within J&J where he managed the finances of budgets for billion dollar pharmaceutical portfolios and medical devices. After J&J, he joined Gilt and helped develop the financial team into a well-respected partner for management. He later spent 2 years at Gilt in Tokyo where he helped guide the business towards profitability and a more stable operation. Since Gilt he has worked at or with other small startups, assisting them in optimizing their operations and making data based decisions. 

Campbell Culling

Creative Director

Campbell is driven to help others through JustLight because of the impact he knows light therapy will have on our modern healthcare system. Campbell has seen the lives of people he loves drastically improved by light therapy, and wants to spread that knowledge and experience to as many people as possible. After a successful start to his career as a freelance creative marketer, Campbell chose to discontinue his freelance business and become a full-on Light Ambassador, dedicating his skills to growing the public understanding, acceptance, and accessibility to light therapy. Campbell studied Graphic Design at Wayne State University in Detroit, has created successful branding and marketing campaigns for numerous startups, and delved into a plethora of creative fields throughout his freelance career. 

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Joseph Asker

Director of Operations

Joey is a health-conscious people-person who was able to cure his arthritic elbow pain with light therapy. This came after having been told by surgeons and physical therapists that his arthritic elbow pain was just something that he would have to deal with for the rest of his life. The astonishingly fast and effective light therapy treatments shattered Joey’s perspective of our healthcare system; motivating him to drop everything and work towards redefining our health paradigm by bringing light to health. Before Joey saw the light, he obtained his BA from University of Michigan in 2018 with a dual degree in Sociology and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. Joey has extensive startup experience, having founded two companies with Peter post graduation. He proudly serves as JustLight’s Director of Digital Operations.

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Mark Fonte

Director of Software

Mark is an excitable, passionate person who became energized about light thanks to Peter. After reading the clinical research and trying it himself, he was shocked by his improved sleep, increased concentration and chronic pain reduction. Eager to use his skills to spread the light, Mark started the Sunflower mobile app which blossomed into JustLight’s software division. Mark’s goal is to make light therapy easy, ubiquitous and even a little fun! Prior to becoming a Light Ambassador, Mark worked at Amazon and several other top technology companies as a software engineer. He is an experienced Android developer and has a Computer Science in Engineering degree from the University of Michigan.

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Noah Maike

Design Engineer

Noah is a curious engineer who became fascinated with the implications of light on our health after meeting with Peter in early 2021. Noah sees the disconnect between the scientific significance of light therapy and its accessibility for consumers and he’s dedicated to closing that gap. Noah works closely with the design, manufacturing, and science teams to blend the three and deliver beautiful, scientifically-backed devices to consumers at scale. Noah started his career with JustLight while still in engineering school, working on the design of Sunflower in between classes and homework. He will graduate with his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan in April where his studies have focused on mechanical design and manufacturing

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Leslie Nagel

Executive Assistant

Leslie is an administrative and marketing professional with a background in education and patient advocacy. She is excited to unite her passions by assisting JustLight in its mission to enlighten modern medicine with effective, safe and accessible light therapy. Since receiving her B.A. in English Literature in 2013, Leslie has been bringing the written word to life as a teacher, digital marketer, social media manager and more. Today, as executive assistant, she is thrilled to help bring light to medicine through precise and effective interpersonal communication.

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Our Community


Tristan Woodsmith

Tristan Woodsmith is a clinical social worker who earned his bachelor’s in psychology and his master’s in social work from the University of Michigan. Tristan currently works as an independent contractor compiling research on the clinical applications of photobiomodulation, for JustLight. He is especially interested in the effects of light exposure on mental health and hopes to expand general use of light therapy as a mood enhancer. 


Jake Serwer

Jake Serwer is the founder and CEO of Espresso Public Relations LLC, a leading Detroit-based PR and marketing firm. Jake oversees and manages media relations and strategic communication planning for JustLight. A former Washington D.C. television producer for Bloomberg News, Chris Wallace and the National Press Club, Jake earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan and a Master’s Degree in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University.

Board of Advisors


Dr. Leo J. Schowalter

Dr. Schowalter was employed by the GE Global Research Center after receiving his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Illinois.  He was a professor in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Physics Department from 1987 until 2006 and was Department Chair from 1997 to 2000.  In 1997, he co-founded Crystal IS where he was the first CEO and later CTO until he retired in 2021.  Crystal IS commercialized UVC LEDs based on pseudomorphic AlGaN on single-crystal AlN substrates for disinfection and instrumentation applications.  Dr. Schowalter continues work as a designated professor at Nagoya U., a position he was appointed to 2019 as part of a collaborative effort with Asahi Kasei. In 2019, the Nagoya U., Asahi Kasei and Crystal IS team announced the world’s first UVC laser diode and, in early 2020, the best performance for far UVC LEDs in the 230nm to 240nm wavelength range.


Vladimir Heiskanen

Vladimir 'Valtsu' Heiskanen has published a total of six peer-reviewed articles on medicinal subjects such as red light therapy, sunlight, mitochondrial health, and NAD(+). He administers a public database of more than 5,400 research articles on light and health. Valtsu lives in Finland and is a dental student at the University of Helsinki.

Peter was inspired to build Sunflower based on Valtsu's breakthrough journal - Photobiomodulation: Lasers vs Light Emitting Diodes?


Robert Granata

Robert's career has spanned 34 years in marketing, sales, engineering and development, program management, and manufacturing to his current position of CEO at Eypex Corporation.  In 2016, his largest start-up company AGM Automotive whom specialized in lighting and electronics was acquired by a major automotive conglomerate after reaching annual revenues in excess of $378 million in revenue with factories strategically located around the globe. 


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Lead Investment Partner

Asahi Kasei was founded in 1922 with the purpose of improving people's standard of living by supplying an abundance of the highest-quality daily necessities at the lowest prices. Crystal IS, an Asahi Kasei company, is the world's leading manufacturer of UVC LEDs, and have played a big part maximizing the efficacy and reducing the cost of JustLight's UVC-based products. 


FDA Regulatory Counsel

DLA Piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, positioning us to help clients with their legal needs around the world. They have provided JustLight with a world-class counsel and the confidence to push forward with our FDA approvals. 


Manufacturing Partner

The Eypex corporation is a Michigan-based hardware manufacturer with a focus on automotive lighting. Their expertise in bringing light-based hardware to market allows Eypex to excel at creating safe, effective, and scalable hardware and products for JustLight. 

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