Meet Sunflower

Sunflower provides all the benefits of Sunlight; without the burn.

Our integrated software automates any routine you select, from skincare to brain health to pain relief.

Sunflower blooms this fall, join the waitlist below.

 + Softlight bluetooth app integration

 + Automated precision light therapy
 + Extensive research backed routines

 + Four wavelengths: 660, 810, 850, 1050

 + Over 25,000mW of optical power

 + 50,000 hour LED lifetime

 + Made in the USA

1a Sunflower Front Render.png

in the meantime...

Light therapy can't wait.

We made the highest-quality LED bulb and are selling it at the lowest cost my CEO will let me go.

Pay $45 today, get a bulb, and get $50 off your Sunflower.

Start with a Lotus Bulb

+ Includes E26 Socket Mount & Clip

+ Three LED wavelengths: 660, 810, 850

 + 50,000 hour LED lifetime

 + $50 discount on Sunflower