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Health in Your Hands

We are dedicated to creating new standards of human health. 
The science is clear; daily maintenance of our health through light therapy lessens our dependence on medicine for non-specific symptoms and frees up our health system to focus on severe cases.

The Benefits of Light

Light energizes the cells in our body, allowing them to function properly. When our cells function properly, we do too. 

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Skin Health

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Pain Management

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Muscle Recovery

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Hair Growth

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Mental Acuity

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General Health

And so much more...

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Light Therapy Made Smart.

Sunflower automatically tunes its healing Light to deliver biological benefits of the sun; without the burn.

Sunflower makes at-home light therapy effortless.


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"Hey Siri, start my skincare routine."

Smart Light Therapy

Take the guess work out of light therapy. 

Based on thousands of clinical studies, our software automatically tunes Sunflower to provide the exact wavelength & power to maximize the effects of every treatment. 

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Red Light Therapy has been revolutionary for me with regard to how I live my daily life.

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Founder / Fanatic


The Future is Light

In 1896, Niels Finsen cured Smallpox with Red Light Therapy.

He cured Smallpox. A disease with no cure according to the World Health Organization. Finsen then won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for light therapy: "opening a new avenue of medical science."

He spent his entire life elevating an urgently important fact:

Light bathing is necessary for human health; like food, water, & air. Since the advent of indoor living & clothing, humans have become chronically light deprived.

Why does this matter?

Because we can end hundreds of diseases by curing one; Chronic Light Deprivation.

Until proper Lightbathing becomes as routine as drinking water, we will continue to have preventable suffering in the world.

Niels Finsen proved Light was the way to a new era of human health.

Now, 125 years later, we are picking up where he left off.

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Become Your Best Self

With Smart Red Light Therapy

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