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How Red Light Improves our Health.

We all know that plants need light to function. But did you know humans also need light to function? Our cells need power, which is created by the mitochondria. Through enzymes, the mitochondria convert the food we eat and oxygen we breathe to produce ATP, or usable cellular energy.

However, normal biological functions create a chemical called nitric oxide which interferes with this process. Nitric oxide binds to an enzyme in the mitochondria preventing it from taking in oxygen. This cripples ATP production, leaving the cell with minimal energy to perform its functions.

Suboptimal cellular functioning is the underpinning of almost every disease, from acne to cancer.

However, there is a way the cell can get rid of the nitric oxide and regain its energy.

Red light and near-infrared light dissipate the nitric oxide, allowing the mitochondria to accept oxygen and convert it to ATP once again. The more red light your cells receive, the more efficiently they can create ATP, making your body feel and perform better. When our cells are happy, we are too!

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