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Precision Light Therapy

Precision light therapy is the combination of light therapy and software-enabled intelligence designed to deliver optimal treatments. Sunflower automatically adjusts the wavelength, amount, intensity, and duration of its output to deliver optimal routines based on the condition selected by the user. This is critical because light therapy’s effectiveness is determined by the wavelength and amount of light that is used.

Each wavelength of light has a different biological effect on the body and a different degree of penetration, which means that each condition requires a precisely tailored regimen to experience the full benefits. For example, to improve memory with light therapy, one must use light that penetrates the skull to administer healing effects to the brain. Precision light therapy recommends a specific routine for brain health that utilizes 810 nm, and 1050 nm light, which has the deepest penetration into the body.

The dosage, or total amount of light absorbed by the body, is also essential to regulate because light therapy follows a biphasic dose-response curve. A biphasic dose-response means that a regimen’s effectiveness increases as the dosage of light increases, until it reaches a critical point at which additional dosage reduces the effectiveness. Imagine an athlete carbo-loading before a big race. In the beginning, the more calories she consumes, the better she will perform. There reaches a point, however, where her body cannot process additional calories and will end up slowing her down instead.

Light therapy works in a similar way; it is essential to monitor the intake of light so one does not get bogged down with more light energy than the body can process. This is where precision light therapy comes in. With software enabled intelligence features, Sunflower can measure the exact dosage of light that is absorbed and will automatically stop the treatment once the optimal dosage has been received.

Sunflower also houses a proximity sensor which allows it to automatically adjust the intensity of light based on the user’s distance from the device. This feature allows you to position the Sunflower anywhere around you without having to worry about jeopardizing the effectiveness of the routine. The sunflower also adjusts its output parameters based on individual factors of the user, such as skin tone, sex, and body size which can all affect light’s penetration distance.

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