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The Forgotten Medicine

In 1896, Niels Finsen cured Smallpox with Red Light Therapy.

He cured Smallpox.

Smallpox. A highly-contagious-viral-respiratory-disease with no cure according to the World Health Organization.

Niels Finsen clinically proved light therapy could cure Smallpox, Lupus, and by extension, hundreds of other diseases. Diseases of mitochondrial dysfunction.

In 1903, Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine: "opening a new avenue of medical science." He was on track to redefine healthcare

Tragically, Finsen died just nine short months after winning the Nobel Prize.

His discovery of medicinal light fell into darkness.

And with it, modern society forgot the most important finding of all.

Sunlight is necessary for human health; like food, water, & air. Since the advent of indoor living & clothing, humans have become chronically light deprived.

Why does this matter?

Because we can end hundreds of diseases by curing one, chronic light deprivation.

Like chronic dehydration, chronic light deprivation has severe consequences on every cell in the body: neuron degradation, mitochondrial dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and much more. It is as if society has collectively forgotten the importance of drinking water.

When humans are chronically light deprived, our cell’s mitochondria break down and we develop ‘diseases of civilizations’, or diseases of withering.

When our neurons wither, we develop Alzheimer’s, dementia, and depression.

When our bone cells wither, we develop osteoporosis, arthritis, and painful joints.

When our muscle cells wither, we develop fibromyalgia and muscular atrophy.

When our nerve cells wither, we develop multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, and nerve failure.

When our skin cells wither, we develop acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles.

When our immune cells wither, we are prone to viral diseases our body can’t fight off.

When our full body withers, we develop obesity, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

But Finsen didn’t stop there.

He told us exactly how to build the cure; Light Baths.

“Nevertheless, I believe implicitly that in the future use will be made of this new therapeutic agent [Light], and the proof experiment once made, it will be easy to carry it out practically under the form of Light Baths; and lastly, to determine whether they are to be blue, violet, or red, the variations in their strength and duration, and whether natural or artificial.” - Finsen, Phototherapy, 1896

Unless light bathing becomes as routine as drinking water, we will continue to have preventable suffering in the world.

Unless light bathing becomes as routine as eating food, we will continue to have preventable suffering in the world.

Where does that leave us now?

A modern society suffering from chronic light deprivation; paying billions to unsuccessfully treat manifestations of chronic light deprivation.

No amount of drug developments can ever act as a substitute for the energy our body requires from converting light energy to usable cellular energy. Humans are not only photosynthetic, we are photorespiratory, photocirculatory, photoregulatory, and so much more.

But we have forgotten. It is time we remember.

Light is necessary for human health.

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