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Like Plants & Animals, Humans Also Require Light

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans lived outdoors in sunlight. Now? We live indoors. Covered in clothing. The result? As a species, we are now Chronically Light Deprived. We all know plants need light. But did you know that humans need light, too? There are more than a dozen bodily mechanisms that light is important for, and when the body is starved of light, we get sick on a cellular level. Light energizes every cell in our body, powering over a hundred bodily mechanisms –when the body is starved of light- we develop predictable and consistent diseases. Acne, Depression, osteoporosis, cancer Arthritis, Alzheimer's and many more. And its’ why Chronic Light Deprivation is truly a public health crisis. Thousands of medical researchers and studies from around the world have shown: Light is a requirement for human health. Just like clean water, food and air. Healthy human bodies need light to stay healthy. Chronic Light Deprivation is an insidious deadly disease. The good news? The solution is ridiculously simple: Get sunlight. If you can't, Get Sunflower. Sunflower provides the biological benefits of the sun, without the burn. Sunflower gives off the light waves your body needs to do dozens of processes and help cells thrive – and with zero harmful negative effects. The right levels of exposure depend on the person and desired health benefits. Light reduces pain, wrinkles and cellulite while promoting hair growth wound healing, and muscle performance. No chemicals. No drugs. JustLight.

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