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Sunflower's Technology

Sunflower is the first ever Smart Light Therapy device.

Tap your phone to deliver precision medicinal light.

What is Smart Light Therapy?

Our software delivers a specific blend of photomedical light instantly, anywhere.
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Phone Automation

Browse the Sunflower App to select from dozens of routines from brain health to pain relief. With the tap of your phone, Sunflower automatically tunes its healing to deliver the exact blend of light needed.
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Four LED Wavelengths

Sunflower uses four LED wavelengths for precision Light Therapy. Depending on the routine you select, Sunflower turns on the correct LEDs at the correct intensity to deliver science-backed results.
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Rooted in Science

Rather than simply turning on & off, Sunflower tunes its LED wavelengths & intensities to exactly match the best scientific findings. We keep the app up-to-date to provide the best possible scientific recommendations.

What's in a Sunflower?

We proudly manufacture Sunflowers in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Cutting Edge LEDs

Sunflower uses high-efficiency LEDs with four wavelengths for precision dosing according to our scientific references.
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Flexible Stem

Positioning Sunflower is as easy as bending the flexible stem. Proudly made in partnership with Moffatt, an American Manufacturer.

Proximity Sensor

Sunflower measures your distance away to calculate your light dose with precision.

Sturdy Weighted Base

Our sturdy laser-cut steel base provides strength and stability so that Sunflower never falls over, even at full stem extension.
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Automated Control

Take the guesswork out of light therapy. 

Our app connects to Sunflower to automatically tune the light's wavelength & power based on clinical insights.

Browse over a dozen automated sessions, from pain relief to skincare, hair growth to brain health. 

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Meditating woman healing from red-light therapy
Animated JustLight Sunflower advanced smart light therapy healing plant

Daily Health

Humans require daily light baths like we require drinking water.

Light increases blood flow & energy while reducing inflammation and inhibitory toxins.

Sunflower makes full-body light bathing easy.



What can Sunflower do?

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Health in your Hands

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Light improves your health without any negative side effects