Soak up Sunlight

Fact: Light charges our body like a solar panel; reducing inflammation & disease.

Sunflower provides the biological benefits of sunlight without the burn.


No Drugs. No Chemicals. No Pain.

Just Light.

"With the red light, I wake up in the morning with no pain and I feel like I can do anything I want today. It's made that kind of a difference."

"I've noticed no side effects from red light, except I feel better.

And my knees don't hurt."

Jerie O.

JustLight Customer


Meet Sunflower

Sunflower makes light therapy easy.

Our integrated software automates any routine you select, from skincare to brain health to pain relief.

Sunflower blooms this fall, add your name to the waitlist.

 + Softlight bluetooth app integration

 + Automated precision light therapy
 + Extensive research backed routines

 + Four wavelengths: 660, 810, 850, 1050

 + Over 25,000mW of optical power

 + 50,000 hour LED lifetime

 + Made in the USA

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in the meantime...

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Light therapy can't wait.

We made the highest-quality LED bulb and are selling it at the lowest cost my CEO will let me go.

Pay $45 today, get a bulb, and get $50 off your Sunflower.

Start with a Lotus Bulb

+ Includes E26 Socket Mount & Clip

+ Three LED wavelengths: 660, 810, 850

 + 50,000 hour LED lifetime

 + $50 discount on Sunflower


Sunflower for


What does Light do?


Brain Health

Light supports neuron functions; improving retention, and aiding brain health.
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Skin Health

Red Light supports skin cells, increasing collagen, evening skin tone, and smoothing skin.
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Joint Health

Light supports inflammation response; relieving pain and restoring strength.

Muscle Health

Red & NIR Light boosts cellular energy;  improving muscle recovery and performance.
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Wound Support

Red Light regenerates tissue;  improving recovery rate and immune response.


Near-Infrared Light reduces cellular stress;  improving mood, and mental health.

Precision Light Therapy

Our premier phototherapy software connects via bluetooth and automatically adjusts your Sunflower for any health routine.

After selecting a routine, Sunflower emits the proper wavelength and intensity of light based on your distance away.

Precision, every time.

Already have a light therapy device you love? Our software can still provide instant recommendations and routine scheduling for any red light device.


The Future is Light.

Peter Forhan, Founder

We are living in the dark.

Humans today absorb 1,000x less solar energy than we did before we all began wearing clothing and living indoors.

Like chronic dehydration, chronic light deprivation has severe consequences on the body; like neuron degradation, mitochondrial dysfunction, depression, and much more.

Like food, water, and air, light is a physiological requirement for human life. When you do not get enough light, your cells are chronically suffocating.

And because we do not elevate this fact, billions of humans are suffering.

Until light is as routine as brushing your teeth, there is vast preventable suffering.

And so, we started a Public Benefit Corporation to make light routine and answer your question:

"Why hasn't this been done before?"

Because light desperately needs a Lorax.

'Someone who cares a whole awful lot. Or else nothing is going to get better. It's not.'

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Make Light Routine


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