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The Science of Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation is a form of Light Therapy that uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect cells.

At JustLight, we are committed to breaking down the amazing science of Photobiology, the study of light
on life.

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What does Light Do?

Red Light increases your microcirculatory blood flow and reduces inflammation.

Our cell's mitochondria convert energy from light into usable cellular energy (ATP).

Light Therapy reduces pain and heals cellular damage, without negative side effects.

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Brain Health

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Reduces Inflammation

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Heals Damage

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Circulates Blood

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Hair Health

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Supports Sleep

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Immune Support

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Improves Skin

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Meditating woman healing from red-light therapy
Animated JustLight Sunflower advanced smart light therapy healing plant

Daily Health

Humans require daily light baths like we require drinking water.

Light increases blood flow & energy while reducing inflammation and inhibitory toxins.

Sunflower makes full-body light bathing easy.


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The Photobiomodulation Database

Discover the science behind Smart Light Therapy; over 5,400 clinical studies that power our software. 

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Video Gallery

At JustLight, we are constantly creating new video content to explain photobiology.

Learn about mitochondrial photorespiration, evolutionary dependence on solar power, and much more.

How Light is used in Respiration

When we breathe oxygen, it is transported to our cells by our blood.

Once the oxygen arrives at the cell, it is processed by our mitochondria and converted into usable cellular energy (ATP) in a process called Respiration.

When we don't get enough light, our mitochondria cannot properly function and they break down.

Why is Light so Imporant?

For millions of years, humans evolved outdoors with plenty of daily solar energy.

Today, we live inside and wear clothing, cutting off this required energy source.

This change of lifestyle leads to consistent & predictable diseases, diseases of mitochondrial dysfunction.

What is Smart Light Therapy?

Our software delivers a specific blend of photomedical light instantly, anywhere.
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Phone Automation

Browse the Sunflower App to select from dozens of routines from brain health to pain relief. With the tap of your phone, Sunflower automatically tunes its healing to deliver the exact blend of light needed.
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Four LED Wavelengths

Sunflower uses four LED wavelengths for precision Light Therapy. Depending on the routine you select, Sunflower turns on the correct LEDs at the correct intensity to deliver science-backed results.
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Rooted in Science

Rather than simply turning on & off, Sunflower tunes its LED wavelengths & intensities to exactly match the best scientific findings. We keep the app up-to-date to provide the best possible scientific recommendations.

Humans are Solar Powered!

We all know we need sunlight for Vitamin D production, and yet the majority of us are still Vitamin D deficient.

It turns out, Vitamin D production is just one of the ways our bodies need sunlight.

In fact, humans are literally solar-powered, absorbing solar energy and converting to usable cellular energy.

Does Light Give use Energy?

Humans use sunlight to regulate the release of Serotonin in our bodies.

Serotonin is the 'feel good' hormone that makes us feel happy, focused, and energized.

If you do not get enough sunlight, your body will not produce enough Serotonin. Period.

Some Light Reading

Discover the work and ideas of the visionary scientists whose research inspire us. 

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Let's Learn about Light!

At JustLight, we are committed to furthering the public understanding of the necessity of light for health.

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